Sunday, January 26, 2014

        Sweeney class is crazy, fun, and interesting .We sat in class a whole period and discussed the three topics for our research papers. I really like the fact that the only rule was that we all had to agree on a topic. This way is one hundred percent better because it gives us time to find more things to write about. That also lets us write about things we really care about. Most teachers would have just assigned three topics and we had to do it. That sucks because most of the time the topics that are given are boring and hard to write on
         Some people felt really strong about their opinions. In my opinion this was very fitting because we have to write three argumentative papers. In class we did just that. From religion to pop culture to the environment. The other left over people really didn't care about anything. Though they didn't say any thing we as a class love the way Sweeney teaches our class.